At SOCA: Accelerated High School, our students learn through a curriculum tailored to each student's individual needs to ensure they have a deeply-rooted foundation from which to grow and thrive.

What does Stone Oak offer its Students?

Our students live their passions, unrestricted by the outdated norms and nonsensical policies of a typical high school. We believe that students learn best when provided with both the tools to pursue the subjects they are passionate about and the support of the entire community around them. 

SOCA is not a traditional school. Our students don’t sit silently in a classroom and are not expected to sit for 8 hours every day, only to be spoon-fed lectures of little importance to their future career trajectory. 


Students learn both at home and on campus. Our campus is a unique blend of indoor and outdoor learning spaces designed to promote creativity.


The school is committed to the principles of the Christian faith, while secondary doctrinal issues are referred to the parents. We offer a learning environment that acts as an effective foundation for individual growth and development.


Our focus is to meet every student at their individual level to establish an intrinsic motivation and a love for learning. We have passionate faculty and staff members, all of whom adapt to the individual needs of each students.


Due to the hyper-personalized nature of our program we limit our cohort to 20 students. This small group approach ensures we're placing each student on their optimal learning journey.

Focus on Students,

Not Tests

We believe that intrinsic motivation is what should drive our students’ personalized curriculums. We provide all students and families a program driven by each student's passions, unrestricted by the institutional structures that restrict learning and creativity. 

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“For many years I have dreamed and prayed for a place that would minister to the health, education and well-being of the whole person -- mind, body and spirit. God has provided us with such a place!.”




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Become a Stone Oak

An oak tree is one of the strongest, fast-growing trees that, upon maturity, provides shade, nourishment, and shelter to the surrounding ecosystem. The mighty oak stands tall and strong, yet it bends and twists to changes in the wind. It is adaptive and versatile, growing in response to its environment rather than in spite of it. Like the oak tree, our students are not trained to grow a certain way. Just as two oaks are not the same, two students do not learn in the exact same manner. As such, we provide our students with the tools and encouragement they need to flourish both inside and outside the classroom.


We offer a flexible schedule for students who are either involved in extra-curricular sports whom need to travel or practice during school hours or for those starting career internships/jobs.


All our students graduating this year have been accepted to their programs of choice. We even have students graduating a year early!